My name is Renee and I like to take pictures. I particularly enjoy playing around with old film cameras. Most of the photos on this website were shot on film.  I have great affection for the varied charms of film, but I’m not a purist.  I’d be happy to shoot digital if I could get my hands on a decent SLR.

I’m not a very prolific photographer so don’t expect daily updates. I am hoping this photoblog will motivate me to shoot more.

My other hobbies include bicycling, roller skating, and Kung Fu.  I also like to pretend that I’m a go-go dancer, mainly because I’m married to a bona fide rock star.  I’m a mother to a 11-year old boy named Rio and a whole bunch of stepchildren.  Someday I hope to write a book or three but right now I have other business to tend to.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Thanks for visiting:)