Bee Girls

Yep, we actually own this movie. We watched it for the first time the other night and it’s pretty much everything I hoped it would be – cheese and hilarity galore! I was disappointed to discover that none of the women ever appear in any of the awesome outfits pictured in the poster. I was also amused by the keywords for it at IMDB:

Lesbianism, Beautiful Woman, Female Nudity, Lesbian Scene, Babe Scientist, Bee, Dying During Sex, Lesbian, Nude Woman Murdered, Nudity, Transformation

If you’re looking for hot lesbian action, this movie will be a disappointment. However, you WILL see a lot of boobies.

I love cheesy B movies!

In other news, my new knee pads arrived today, thank goodness! My knees are desperate for extra protection. I hesitated briefly to spend another chunk of cash on expensive gear, but you know what? My knees are worth it. It was either that or quit derby, and I’m not ready to do that anytime soon.

5-21-2008  | 

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