I’m really not taking very many pictures these days. Our camping plans keep getting shelved, and not much else is happening. I have taken some photos, but it’s gonna be a while before I finish a roll of film. That’s the biggest drawback to shooting film, for me at least. However, I am quite enamored with this new high speed film I’m using because I can shoot in a lot of places that I never could before without a flash.

I’m STILL not skating because of my stupid lump. I’m finally going to see a doctor about it tomorrow morning. I injured myself a month ago now and I’m annoyed that it’s still there. I’m dubious that she’ll have any useful advice for me, but I’m desperate. The lump must GO!

DJDD is playing their next bout in Arkansas, and I’m planning to tag along and help out. Hopefully Steve will come too. We’re gonna be serious derby groupies, right up until I’m out there skating with pack! God, I love derby:) It sucked missing out on the last trip, so we’ll make sure that doesn’t happen again.

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