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Quick weekend recap:

Friday – Rio’s Tae Kwon Do class did a demonstration at the mall, and I took the 2 neighbor kids along to watch and hang out. At the mall. It was surprisingly fun:) Rio spent the night at the brothers’ house. Hurray for cool neighbors with kids!

Saturday – Took 5 of our kids and the 2 neighbor kids to the Arts Festival and hung out at the kids’ area. We all tried walking on stilts, and after that the boys happily chased bubbles for a while. We watched the juggler for a bit and a couple of our kids got to go on stage so that was a bonus.

Then I went to derby practice and ROCKED MY SKILLS TEST. Yep, it was awesome and I’m so glad it’s over. Now I can skate with the big kids! I can’t wait! And yet, I must. Because I fell on my swollen bruise again – just a little fall, not even a full impact, but it hurts like it was fresh all over again and the swelling got a lot worse. Now I need to stay off my skates and let this heal, at least until the swelling is gone. Hopefully that won’t take too long.

The good news is that I invested in some really good gear, what I like to call body armor, and it’s on its way. I got all new pads, including an especially robust set of wrist guards and best of all, Bumsavers! With all that protection I will be invincible!

Or at least I’ll be able to get through my learning phase on skates without getting injured on a weekly basis, eh?

[See this photo on the flickr map]

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