Behind the bar at the Rocheport General Store. Steve’s new band, The Sand Fleas, made their debut appearance there a few weeks back. It’s a fun spot and whenever he plays a gig there I always come along. The locals are a great bunch and they don’t mind if I shake my ass when the groove grabs me;)

I survived another roller derby practice on Saturday! It was a struggle, though, because I went to the public skate first to get warmed up and as luck would have it I pulled a muscle in my thigh while practicing my mohawk turns. Doh! But I toughed it out and managed pretty well, considering. I’m already looking forward to getting back on my skates on Wednesday. I’m determined to make it to public skate that night. I know I really just need to spend more time on my skates, so pretty soon maneuvering on 8 wheels will feel as natural as breathing. That’s my goal. I’ve got a ways to go yet!

There were some girls taking their skills test Saturday so I had a chance to see what’s expected of me. It looks pretty manageable, but there’s lots of stuff I need to work on. The part where they were hopping over short little cones looked the most challenging to me. If I were to attempt that now I’d end up on my ass HARD.

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