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We had a pretty uneventful weekend. I didn’t shoot as much as I hoped to at the party since it got dark pretty quick. I’ve been working on the same roll of film in my XA for weeks now and I’m not even sure any of them will turn out well. That camera has been having issues. I might just give in and wind up the roll and get it processed before I get to the end. Besides, I’ve got some new old cameras to play with and I need to spend some time with them, too. More on my new cameras later.

Derby practice went pretty well on Saturday. My wrists are sore again but not quite as much as last weekend. I need to practice falling more. And skate more, mostly. Rio and I will go to the public skate on Wednesday to further that effort.

I also have a big nasty bruise on my left hip that might become a permanent fixture;)

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