OK, here’s a fun one from our Kansas trip last month. I’m hoping to shoot some film at a party this weekend, so I should finally have some new stuff for the blog soon.

Otherwise, life is humming right along. I’m going to get back on my skates tomorrow for another roller derby practice, so wish me luck. I’m a little concerned that my wrist problems are going to complicate my derby dreams. Last week I fell hard on my hands, once at home and then lots more at the rink, and I’ve been nursing the pain in my hands ever since. I’ve had tendonitis for years, thanks to my stint as a factory worker, so my wrists aren’t very forgiving. I’ve been accustomed to the chronic ache of tendonitis from typing and mouse-clicking, but lately the pain has been much more acute than usual.

But I’m hoping that I can teach myself to fall without putting all my weight on my hands. Because falling/crashing/wiping out is all part of the game, so there’s no hope for avoiding that. Although it will be easier NOT to fall when I’m able to skate with more skill!

I’m not ready to give up yet. I wanna be a derby girl, dammit!

UPDATE: See this photo on the Flickr map!

I hope to be using this feature more often. I am a professional mapper, after all, and it’s fun to keep track of where my shots were taken.

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