mucca pazza

Well, True/False is over now and it’s back to everyday reality. This film festival was an all around fabulous experience and really made me proud to live in Columbia. Documentary films seldom get the attention they deserve, so it was encouraging to see our community come out to support this event. Every single film was shown to a packed house! I saw some incredible films. Some made me laugh, some made me cry, but they all made me think and in the end these are the hallmarks of great film-making. In addition to the films, there were many other events and performances to take in as well. It was impossible to see and do everything the festival had to offer, and I would have especially liked to have seen more of the bands, but we still caught some great acts. Pictured here is a shot of members of Mucca Pazza, a punk rock marching band who were featured in the March March parade. They also played at the Blue Note another night but we weren’t able to make it to their performance. These guys are amazing!

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