milo ripoff

I know, it pales in comparison to the master, but we had fun shooting these:) I’ll be taking in all the hip-ness that is the True/False Film Festival for the weekend, and I plan to have at least one, if not three, cameras on hand at all times. I may not have as speedy a turnaround as all the pixel-pushing digital shooters, but I’ll be posting on the T/F Flickr group as well. One lesson I learned while shooting today’s photo is that shooting without a flash in low light (none of my film cameras have a working flash) means I get that icky yellow-tint. So I’ll be shooting b&w and then my only problem will be focusing;) Luckily, though, my XA is particularly adept at low-light shots, and it’s so small and portable that I can carry it in my pocket or purse. But I hope to make us of the OM2 as well. Tonight, I’m biking in the March March parade featuring Mucca Pazza, and I plan to put the Holga to use for that event. Big fun!

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