before the blizzard

It’s been 4 days since the snowstorm and even short drives are still treacherous. Likewise my daily walk to work, since few of the sidewalks are cleared and I am forced to share the icy streets with the cars. I’m a native Yankee, and the finest winter I ever spent was at 7800 feet in The Rockies, so I am no stranger to snow in large quantities. But I have learned my lesson – copious snowfall is nothing to be desired here in Missouri because the infrastructure is poorly equipped to handle it. While I find it quite delightful to be holed up in my cozy, comfy house while the weather outside is frightful, traveling in this stuff is a nightmare if the roads aren’t properly plowed. So as you may imagine, it may be a couple of days before I finish this roll of film I’m working on, but it’s coming. Also, I won’t have anything from the Leica until I get a battery for it. No big deal, but all errands have been postponed until we get a good thaw.

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