meet the argus

Here’s a sample from the Argus Argoflex 75 test roll. This is my first Argus, not to be confused with the Argus 75 that I purchased shortly after the Argoflex. The only difference is that one has a portrait lens. I’ve got a test roll in that one right now. They both have a working bulb flash and several replacement bulbs, and two different sized leather cases. I’ll probably merge all of these accessories and keep just one Argus. So far the results from the test roll are mixed (I haven’t scanned them all yet). The contrast is highly variable, and I suspect that this may be somewhat more the fault of my scanner, not the camera. Or perhaps a little of both. In any case, this was one of the more contrasty shots and also one of the best. I like contrasty images. Overall, this camera seems to produce Holga-like results without the vignetting. In fact, the Argus offers even less control over the image. No focusing, no aperture or shutter options. Well, it does have a Timer setting which is like the “B” setting – the shutter is open for as long as you hold down the button. I’ve got lots of negs to scan, lots of test rolls to shoot in my new cameras, and lots of stuff to post. It’s a bit chaotic at the moment but this is the kind of problem I don’t mind having:)

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