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My Olympus OM2 arrived yesterday! So far I’m very pleased with it. It’s much smaller and lighter than the brick-like Mamiya MSX, and yet it clearly has a much more quality build overall. But the real test will be in the photos! So I’ve loaded it with 12 exposures of some cheap Walgreens film (12 exposure film is surprisingly hard to come by) and I’ll put it to the test over the next day or two. Also, I purchased a zoom lens for it which I’ll pick up at the post office after work. I needed a reasonably quick zoom lens for shooting horse shows, and this was a very affordable choice. It’s the 65-200mm/4.0 one-touch zoom, which means that focusing and zooming are accomplished in one movement. I’m not sure how that works exactly (yet), but I expect it to be useful when I’m trying to catch fast-moving horses over jumps. I also want to say that the main reason I chose the Olympus OM system (besides all the rave reviews I read) is that I’ve been so impressed with my Olympus XA. In comparison, the XA is a simple snapshot camera, but it’s the best snapshot camera EVER! I love the sharp details, the saturated colors, the slight vignetting, the aperture priority shooting mode, and most of all, I can fit it in my purse or pocket and take it everywhere, and I’m always pleased with the photos I get from it. Olympus made me a believer, and I feel good about investing in their OM system, even if it is nearly as old as I am:) As soon as I get my negatives scanned, I’ll have some test shots from the Argus to share and some Holga stuff on the way too!

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