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Sorry for the lack of posts. Again. I meant to pre-load some images before my mini-vacation, but time (that elusive fiend) got away from me, as usual. Which is also why I didn’t warn you that I would be away for a short while. But here I am, and although I’m exhausted, it was well worth it. We took a little float trip down the Nianga River and camped out for 3 days. We brought 7 kids and 1 dog, plus some more family that met up with us at the campground, and we were one rowdy crowd. We swam, we paddled down the river all morning, we fished (Aubrey caught 3 sunfish), we roasted weiners and marshmallows, we sang and played music, we made mischief. And of course, I took photographs. Not as many as I would have liked, unfortunately, because I was unable to bring them on the canoe with any assurance they would stay dry in a worst case scenario. Our canoe (Rio and my dog, Chico as crew, Me as Captain) ended up being one of three that didn’t get dumped all day, out of the 7 canoes in our party. But I’m no gambler, so I left the cameras behind. I’m going to finish up this series on the Cooper County Fair before I post any from our trip. Because these are full of fun, too.

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