I finally acquired a battery cover for my Mamiya. I had to buy 3 camera bodies for spare parts on ebay, and only one of them had a battery cover. But I only needed one, and the cameras were cheaper than buying a single part online. Those battery covers are apparently pretty hard to come by. Anyway, my new toy is powered up now, so I need to get acquainted with it. It’s the first camera I’ve ever owned that has interchangeable lens! It came with a Mamiya/Sekor 1.8/55mm and a 3.5/135mm. It also came with some filters (but no polarizer!), but they only fit the 135mm because the other one has a bent ring. Oh well. I hope to get out and shoot this weekend. I’d also like to shoot with my Olympus as well. That’s my current favorite. We’ll see if the Mamiya can displace it, but I kinda doubt it. Or rather, I imagine they will each serve distinct purposes, and serve them well according to their strengths. But I sure do love that little Olympus:)

8-11-2006  | 

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