walking dude

I know this isn’t much of a photograph, but I wanted to introduce you to the mysterious Walking Dude. I see him everywhere, always walking, all over town. All the time. He never stops! He just walks! Everywhere! I started seeing him so much that I decided that I was going to try to photograph him every time I see him. I haven’t succeeded in that, but this was one of my first captures in December. It’s the only one where you can see his face. Eventually I decided that I probably shouldn’t whip out a camera every time I approach him or he’ll get creeped out. I have a good hunch that he’s homeless (he’s obviously unemployed, unless he’s getting paid to walk), and he doesn’t seem to want to attract attention. I’d love to talk to the guy, but he refuses to even make eye contact with me, let alone speak to me. Which makes me wonder . . . what if he’s thinking, “Who IS that strange girl with the camera? I see her walking EVERYWHERE!”

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