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Finally got some photos from my trip to KC – just the Holga shots so far. I’m still working on the roll in my Olympus. Most of them, including this one, are from the historic Jazz District around 18th and Vine. We were eager to check out this area for all its promises of food, jazz, and history. I was surprised to discover that this district is in incredible disrepair, and the only attractions that are actually operational comprise one very short block of the street. Even this block relied on a huge faux cardboard facade, painted elaborately to convey the aesthetic of a bygone era in which Kansas City was known as the “Paris of the Plains.” As is my habit, I wandered onto some side streets to get a closer look at the vacant buildings. I’ve come to realize that I’d much prefer to photograph shabby, rundown buildings than new shiny ones, so this neighborhood was ripe for the picking. But I’ve never seen so many beautiful old buildings, full of stories and histories, left in such a state of decay. It’s a tragedy. If I had a million dollars, I’d love to restore them.

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