its a bird its a plane

Well, I didn’t take nearly as many photos in KC as I had hoped to, mostly because we were too busy packing in the fun. Plus, we visited the most interesting places after dark, and neither of my cameras have a working flash, so I had limited opportunities. The other strike against me was that I did more driving than walking. Kansas City is not very pedestrian friendly place, I’m afraid, and I’m a dedicated pedestrian. Walking makes for better photo hunts. Anyway, the bottom line is that I still have to finish a roll of film in both cameras before I can get them developed, which is why I’m posting old polaroid shots. The Holga only has one left on the roll, so surely I can finish that off this weekend. The Olympus still has about 12 shots left, so I’ll do what I can. But I find that I’m much more particular about when to click the shutter when I’m shooting film. Throw-away shots don’t come cheap anymore.

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