The highlight of my trip to St. Charles was my encounter with a gentleman who also admired vintage cameras. Oddly, he wasn’t a collector or even a photographer, but in the trunk of his car he had a beautiful Zeiss Ikon rangefinder with a fold-out lens. He was thinking about selling it on ebay, but after I showed him some of the basic operations, he was thinking of keeping it after all. “Besides,” he said, “I probably wouldn’t get more than a hundred bucks for it. A hundred bucks isn’t much of anything.” Sorry, mister. I totally cannot relate. That’s when I wished I was the sort of person who was cunning enough to convince him that his camera was junk and probably doesn’t even work anyway, so why not let me take of your hands for 10 bucks? God it was a cool camera. I hope he puts it to use.

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