Although this is an incredibly crappy scan, I am posting these polaroids in conjunction with my announcement that I will soon be forsaking the digital format for good old-fashioned film. Yep. I just ordered my shiny plastic Holga from Holgamods today. Now all I need is a decent film scanner and I’m golden. I can’t wait! Why the switch? There are a myriad of reasons. First, I’ve been growing increasingly frustrated with the limitations of my Canon G3. Although I’m sure a Canon 20D would satisfy my needs, my budget won’t allow such frivolity. I started out with a digital camera because of the shorter learning curve. Now I feel I’ve reached a point where my skill level can enable me to explore the challenges and wonder of shooting with film. Oh yeah, and I lost the lens cap for my Canon again. This is the third or fourth one I’ve had to replace. Erg. As for the Holga, I’ve had a crush on toy cameras for a while now and this seemed liked the most affordable and exciting camera for me to get acquainted with. I’m also very intrigued by the possibilities of medium format, but also a little bit intimidated. If I like it, I may get a Lubitel or Yashica next. Watch out! Basically, my tastes tend to favor vintage varieties, and cameras are no exception. I’m eager to begin my journey with film photography. So while I await the arrival of my new Holga and the purchase of a scanner, I’ll be taking a lot of Polaroids for your viewing pleasure. Let’s just hope the scans improve soon:)

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