Olympus XA

I absolutely love this little gem. It’s another rangefinder with an aperture range of 2.8-22. The Zuiko 35mm lens is super sharp with a slight vignette effect that I find very endearing. It is often compared to the Lomo and many people, including myself, think it’s a much better camera than the Lomo (and can be purchased for a lot less).

Sadly, my XA suffered a terrible fall recently and since then my shutter has been sticking and I may have to replace it. It has become my favorite camera because it is so small and portable that I can literally put it in my pocket or purse and go. It is definitely my snapshot camera of choice and I cannot live without it, so I may be purchasing another in the near future.

Photos I took with this camera:
A lot! Please see the list of photos tagged Olympus XA.

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